The map is intended to display where the deceased descendants of Rocho Waskowiak (1745-1805) and his wife Eva Kleczkowczyk lived over time. All of the couple's great grandchildren who lived moved to the LaSalle-Peru area in Illinois in the late 1800s. For those six great grandchildren and their descendants, the pop-up window for each will be color-coded based on which great-grandchild the family has descended from. The color code is as follows: John-green, Frank-purple, Joseph-blue, Paul-orange, Mary-yellow, and Anton-pink. Not all of the descendants have been added to the map and will be added over time.

(The map was adapted from the Derek Eder template found at Searchable Map Template using Google Fusion Tables).

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To see where people lived during a specific time period, pull the sliders to display a specific time period. To show all locations, pull the left slider all the way to the left leaving the right slider at the current year. The icons are color-coded by decade.

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Searchable Map Template by Derek Eder.